LAM Beej Mantra

Your meditative journey begins with Root Chakra meditation and the sound is LAM Beej Mantra. The word ‘Beej’ in the Sanskrit language means a seed.

In all there are seven major chakras, each chakra vibrates with a particular sound frequency. Each chakra has a particular Beej (seed) mantra. Doing Chakra Beej Mantra Meditation is the most efficient way to balance and heal your chakras

 A brief on Root Chakra

  •  Root Chakra is the lowermost chakra among the seven major chakras and can also be said to be the fundamental chakra. Sanskrit name for Root Chakra is Muladhara Chakra. The word Muladhara can be split into ‘Mula’ meaning the root and ‘Adhara’ means the base.
  •  This Chakra is responsible for our survival and sense of security in this world. Survival is a primal instinct but yet the most neglected!
  • The root chakra carries the impressions of your embryonic stage feelings and also your infancy and early childhood. The feeling of well cared for and feeling safe during infancy and early childhood, all get recorded in your root chakra. This can be correlated with one of Eric Ericson’s stages of psychosocial development. The first stage, ‘trust versus mistrust’ is reflected on your Root chakra. If you were well cared for during infancy and early childhood you grow up with a positive outlook towards the world and feel it can be trusted.
  • Our basic needs like food, shelter, security, and feeling safe are associated with it. 
  • Physical signs of a blocked Root Chakra are skeletal problems, intestinal issues, and reproductive issues.

 LAM Beej Mantra

Beeja Mantras cannot be translated. They are sounds with particular vibratory frequency. Doing Beej Mantra Meditation along with a pre-recorded guided meditation can increase the effectiveness of your Chakra meditations.

LAM is a single syllable sound. The LAM sound vibrations resonate with the vibratory frequency of Root chakra.

The LAM sound cleanses the Root chakra of blockages. So chanting LAM Beej Mantra will make your Root Chakra resonate with its frequency and thus enabling the release of blockages The way if a tuning fork of a particular frequency when struck can make an instrument matching with its frequency resonates with it.

Chanting LAM Beej Mantra is very helpful when you are struggling with low self-esteem, financial issues, fear, and insecurities. It will cleanse the energy blockages and you will feel grounded and secure. It will also lead to a prosperous life.

By Neeru Bahl

Writer and Marketing Manager: A compulsive multitasker. I have held multiple positions as crew for political documentary series Transparency: Pardarshita, as Director's Assistant, Researcher, Archivist, and Production Manager, also as marketing manager for some time. Former Executive Manager at NewsGram and former volunteer of Aam Aadmi Party from 2012 to 2016. Have experience of booth in-charge to Vidhan Sabha In-charge. A Reiki healer by inner calling who is also exploring Tarot reading and hence the subconscious and the unconscious realms.

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