Online Numerology Course

Numerology online classes with experienced Numerologist Geeta Sharma will be almost similar to having an in-person learning experience! Her Numerology courses are online live and interactive video classes. The Numerology course will cover all aspects of this fantastic world of numbers!

For a better and comprehensive learning experience, the course is divided into Basic Numerology Certificate Course and Advanced Numerology Certificate Course.

Geeta has more than 15 years of experience in the field of numerology. She was attracted to numbers since her childhood. You may like to read about her expertise and her special relationship with numbers here: Why Numerology Calculations from Geeta are Accurate?

  • The course is designed in such a way that, by the end of completing the basic numerology program, you will be at ease with numbers and their influence on our lives.
  • The course material is drafted in a very simple language.
  • You will also get practical training and notes.
Numerology Course
Be a Professional Numerologist With Geeta Sharma

The whole program ie basic and advanced is spread across 2 months, with 20 classes, with each class duration 1.5 hours

Numerology Course: Basic Level

  • What is Numerology and Introduction about Numbers
  • History of Numerology
  • Vibrations specific to numbers
  • Characteristics of numbers Zero to Nine.
  • Calculating personality and Destiny number
  • Importance and effect of personality Number
  • Importance and effect of Destiny number.
  • Driver Number
  • Conductor Number
  • Driver Conductor relationship
  • Compatibility of numbers
  • The Lu Sho Grid
  • Study of arrows
  • Luck and unlucky directions
  • Arrows of strength
  • Arrows of weaknesses
  • Importance of the birthday date ie 1 to 31
  • Repetition of numbers and their impact
  • Missing numbers and their impact
  • Remedies for missing numbers

Advanced Level:

  • Positive & negative impact of numbers
  • Combination & Aspects of Numbers
  • Compatibility Calculation
  • Name analysis in English
  • Name Correction of individuals
  • Name correction of business, project, product, etc
  • Mobile number correction
  • Address correction
  • House Number 
  • Vehicle number correction
  • Marriage compatibility
  • Business Partner Compatibility
  • Relation Compatibility
  • Astro – numero Grid
  • Significators of Planets / Numbers
  • Significators with Numbers Application
  • Career counseling as per Number
  • Daily Prediction
  • Monthly Prediction
  • Yearly Prediction
  • Medical numerology
  • Study of 81 Combinations
  • Remedies According to Shastra

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