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The face has always been linked to the physical attractiveness of a person. Although it is much more than that! It is a powerful non-verbal communication channel that tells about other people’s emotions, and feelings. But just having a look at a person’s expression is not enough to know about their true intentions. As expression changes in an instant and it can be faked easily. So how can you tell if the other person is what they have been claiming or it’s just part of their acting skills?

The answer is right here: Through Face Reading! Because a face can lie, but features can’t.

What is Face reading?

Face reading /Samudrik shastra/ Physiognomy refers to the study of human faces to understand the character/ personality of a person based on his/her facial features. It is an ancient technique to read a person’s personality by analyzing his/her facial features, as every feature has a psychological meaning.

Have you ever thought about how your life could have turned out if you already knew about most of the people in your life?

People around us have a great impact on our lives, and we cannot escape the fact that most of us get impressed easily by people just by the image of a good person they created in front of us. Later, when they show us their true colors, it disturbs our mental peace, because clearly, we were not ready for that. It can help you a lot, as it can tell you the least you can expect from a person. Whether it’s about finding a business partner or your true love, face reading is something you can definitely rely on.

Make Predictions With Face Reading
Make Predictions With Face Reading

How will this Face Reading Online Course benefit you?

This Face reading online course developed by Geeta Sharma, founder of Reiki faith healers will help you develop the skill of recognizing a person’s character, fate, health, and relationships just through a glance at features of their face.

The benefits:

If you are a Reiki Healer, Tarot card reader, Numerologist, or Astrologer. Face reading can help you a lot while consulting, as it can make your predictions much stronger. 

  1. It will help you find out your true personality and others around you.
  2. Helps in Detecting the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and the people around you.
  3. Face readers can develop targeted communication patterns to deal with different people.
  4. Can spot the risks before investing their time, effort, and money in someone.
  5. A glance at a face will be enough to reveal another person’s personality and you can save your time.
  6. It can also help you decide your business partnerships while choosing your workforce
  7. Most importantly, in marriage decisions and relationship decisions
  8. As an HR professional, your recruitment skills and interpersonal skill will improve multifold.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Features of your face and their impacts
  • What is affecting your relationships?
  • All the possible facial features in different types of faces and their impact.
  • Meaning of every spot, line, or mark on your face.
  • Personality Analysis
  • How to predict the future through face reading
  • Your face depicts your health. Hence health-related predictions. Thus face reading can be a medical guide.
  • Predictions related to your family support system
  • Career predictions
  • Remedies to improve personality, future, and relationships.
  • Discussion of real-life examples through face reading.

Course Duration: 10 Live Classes, 1 Hr each Via Zoom

Written By Kiran Chaudhary ( Instagram )

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