Duration : 5 Days (Live Classes)

Time : 1.5 Hours in a day

Note: This course will be available soon.

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The magical powers of symbols in Reiki can do wonders. Now, it’s time to increase your energies and help others too. Learn Reiki level 2 and see the wonders. At Faith Healers, we will make sure that you learn correct formation of symbols and get clear about their usage according to the situation.

Reiki level 2 benefits: 

  • You can manifest your desires.
  • Achieve your goals.
  • Improve your memory.
  • Healing your situations
  • Balance yourself
  • Make suitable affirmations.
  • Heal and activate your Chakras.

What you will be learn:

  • Healing Meditation
  • Attunement for the Symbols
  • Knowledge about symbols
  • Introduction to 3 Powerful symbols
  • Usage of the symbols
  • Different techniques to use Reiki energies
  • Affirmations

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