FaithHealers is a Reiki healing center in Delhi offering a variety of holistic services to improve your life. Its founder Geeta Sharma is an expert Reiki healer.  We offer online Reiki healing courses, tarot courses, numerology courses. Also, Tarot reading, astrology consultation, and numerology calculations are undertaken by prior appointment.

Reiki Healing and Reiki Training:

Reiki Healing and Reiki courses training. Reiki courses are offered at FaithHealers in a well-structured manner. Reiki techniques are taught in detail.

Reiki Courses available with us here at Reiki healing center in Delhi:

  • Self-healing course, Reiki level 1
  • Heal your family and friends after learning Reiki level 2. It is beneficial in many ways. You will be able to heal your situations, other situations, relationships, health issues, and also achieve your wishes.
  • Reiki level 3 course is very extensive. Health problems, karmic healing, power greed are some other highlights
  • Reiki Mastership and Reiki Grandmastership 
  • Karuna Reiki: It is compassionate healing that makes your energies vibrate at a higher level. After Reiki level 3, you can take attunement for Karuna Reiki symbols. It will not only strengthen your self-healing but also will make you a compassionate healer.

Face Reading Course

The course gives you the skill set to make predictions and analyze a face. We also teach remedies also for the course correction. Please read details at Face Reading Course Online: Learn the Secrets, Make Predictions

Meditation classes:

Meditation classes at Reiki healing center, FaithHealers take place regularly. The classes are customized for students for memory and focus. Meditation sessions for stress management and better relations are also there. Meditation workshops for corporate events are also there.

Sound Healing:

Sound Healing sessions at FaithHealers are very beneficial for health and peace. The energy blocks are removed with minimum effort. Singing bowls are known to have beneficial effects.

Chakra Healing and Chakra Meditation course:

Reiki expert Geeta Sharma’s online course for Chakra Healing and Chakra Meditation Course has an interactive format and is conducted via live video classes by her.

Accurate Numerology and Astrology Predictions

Geeta Sharma is an expert numerologist. Her Numerology predictions are very accurate and can change your life. She also teaches numerology. She uses Vedic Astrology and has 15 years of experience.

You can read Why Geeta Sharma’s Numerology calculations are accurate?

Astro Vastu or Kundli Vastu

Astro Vastu or Kundli Vastu is mapping of your planetary positions in your Astrology chart along with the Vastu zones of your house. This technique helps in figuring out the best remedies for you with minimum alteration in the house structure. Please read details here: Astro Vastu or Kundli Vastu with Geeta Sharma

Online Numerology Course

For a better and comprehensive learning experience, the course is divided into Basic Numerology Certificate Course and Advanced Numerology Certificate Course. You can read the details here: Numerology Course: Online with Expert Numerologist Geeta Sharma, Live Interactive Online Classes!

Tarot card reading and Tarot course with Geeta Sharma

FaithHealers also provide Tarot courses. Geeta Sharma provides Tarot readings with a specific time and date details.

Chakra balancing, crystal healing, and past life regression are some other services provided at FaithHealers.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)

Getting a Past Life Regression Therapy from a Reiki healer is much more effective than hypnotherapy. Reiki Healer Geeta Sharma is experienced in doing PLRT. It is used to treat addictions, fears that keep persisting from childhood, repetitive negative incidents happening in your life. 

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Apart from Usui Reiki, there is also specially formulated Money Reiki that works deeply on money-related problems. Please check the details about Money Reiki Course here: Money Reiki Online Course: Reiki For Money Manifestation

Written By: Neeru Bahl