Astrology is an ancient Vedic study of the movements and positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars and how they affect the life of a person, her nature, and her future. It is basically a Metaphysical subject. For the best astrology predictions, you can always consult astrologer & Kundli Vastu expert Geeta Sharma

She is an experienced award-winning astrologer from India.  She has been practicing ‘Lal Kitab’ Astrology for more than two decades.

As an expert astrologer, Geeta’s main aim is to focus on providing the most effective and speedy solutions to her clients with inexpensive remedies.

To begin with,  she will prepare a birth chart or horoscope is prepared by using your date of birth, birthplace, and exact time of your birth.

From your birth chart, she will prepare a  detailed map of your life, your high points, your low points, your life purpose, and your nature.

Furthermore, she will also study your Kundli in order to assess your past and how that will impact your future. As your horoscope is also a window to your past karmic effects.

What is ‘Lal Kitab’ Astrology?

It is primarily Vedic Astrology but also very different from the same. Lal Kitab is derived from Samudrika Shastra 

The Lal Kitab consists of a set of five books. These books carry very typical remedies with a special focus on Karmic debts.

According to many scholars on the subject, Ravana the king of Lanka is the original author of  ‘Lal Kitab’.  He lost his special powers due to arrogance and war with lord Rama.  As a result, he lost the book as well.

Although he lost the book, the world got this ancient guidebook back again in ancient Arabia.

Geeta Sharma: Expert Astrologer in India

In what ways, Lal Kitab Astrology can help you?

→  It can guide you in solving all kinds of problems, like;  Relationship or marriage issues, business and career problems, health problems, financial problems, and many more.

→ Geeta provides remedies by preparing your birth chart and consulting Lal Kitab. Her remedies are very simple and inexpensive but very effective and accurate.

        → She is also an Astro Vastu or Kundli Vastu expert. So she will also match your Jyotish Upay ( astrology remedies) that go well with the Vastu of your home.

If need be, She also suggests Mantric healing as a remedy for issues related to your birth chart

Recitation of the suggested mantra, that is best suited for your birth chart can do wonders. It helps you in the process of Karmic Healing and Chakra Balancing.


To book an appointment for an astrology consultation with Geeta Sharma, please Whatsapp at +91 98 99 678 987 or Contact us here.



By Neeru Bahl ( Twitter )

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