Reiki Level 2 course or Reiki Second Degree can be learnt after Level 1 only. Post level 2 attunement with Reiki Grandmaster Geeta Sharma at FaithHealers, you will in reality experience universal energy or cosmic energy very deeply.

After initiation with level 2 symbols, you will experience more power to channelize universal life energy. As a matter of fact, after level 2, you can also start healing your near and dear ones.

As Reiki practitioner you will be able to provide distance Reiki healing also. Implying that you can send healing energy to an individual however far he or she is.

Reiki level 2 attunement process involves lots of intensity so at least 21 days of self healing between receiving the Reiki level 1 and Level 2 attunements  is highly recommended. Although, you may come across many Reiki Masters that combine Level 1 and Level 2 into a weekend course.

FaithHelaers does not recommend back to back, level 1 and 2 weekend workshops.

Reiki level 2 course at Geeta Sharma's FaithHealers
Reiki Level 2 workshop participants with Geeta Sharma

Framework of Reiki level 2 course at FaithHealers:

  • Introduction to level 2 with main focus on basic understanding of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra.
  • You will learn Two different types of meditations: After practicing healing meditation you can heal your surroundings, your situations and situations of your near and dear ones. Another is self counselling meditation. These meditations will prepare your spiritual energy levels for the attunement.
  • Reiki level 2 attunment will empower you with level 2 symbols.
  • Use of Three different Reiki Symbols and their significance
  •  You will also learn Three different healing techniques with symbols.

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Reiki level 2 course
Geeta Sharma’s Wish box class

Different techniques you will learn using Reiki symbols in Reiki Level 2 course:

  • Water charging: This technique empowers water with healing properties. Please watch Geeta Sharma’s water charging video: here
  • Book charging: It enables students to memorize contents of a book very efficiently.
  • Creating protection shield for yourself and for others
  • Divine Reiki Light healing, to heal your situations related to work, business, study, career etc. You can also heal situations related to your near and dear ones.
  • Healing relationships: Relationships of all kinds, like, with parents, marital, with children, with colleagues, with your superiors etc. You can also heal past hurtful memories of broken relationships.
  • Healing your own or others’ past, present and your future
  • Healing your past life karmas.
  • Safe driving technique or safe travel for a journey
  • Clearing negative energies from a room and charging the room with positive energies.
  • Weight loss technique.
  • Making your own Reiki wish box. The wish box empowers you to achieve long term goals. It also enables you to fulfill wishes that are for your higher good. 


  • Understanding, what are affirmations. Moreover, considerable focus is on creating and using affirmations
  • Goal achievement healing technique: The aforementioned technique lets you figure out personal and professional goals and further lets you achieve those goals.
  • Protection shield: A technique which will protect you from negative energies in future.

Geeta Sharma is a certified Reiki Grand master with more than 15 years of experience of teaching Reiki and meditation. In order to register for next Reiki workshop or individual training:

Call or whatsapp at; + 91 98 99 678 077,  +91 935 44 78 461

Content: Neeru Bahl (Twitter)