Reiki Level 3 or Reiki Third Degree: At many Reiki centres, Reiki level 3 and Reiki Mastership are taught in a combined manner.

However, we at FaithHealers, separate Level 3 from Reiki Mastership as there is a difference between receiving the Master symbol attunement and the attunement that enables you to attune new students or practitioners.


Framework of Reiki Level 3 at FaithHealers:

  •  Meditation to prepare you for Reiki Level 3 attunement: You will learn Chakra meditation involving breathing technique and sound meditation focusing on Chakras.  This meditation technique prepares your energy levels for the next level attunement.


  • After a few sessions of Chakra meditation, you will receive attunement from Reiki Grandmaster Geeta Sharma .


  • You will master symbol and practise its usage and application.


  • Special Reiki symbols meditation:   With this meditation you can heal your past life Karmas. Also, improve your present life and become like a magnet that attracts power, love and wealth. With this meditation you can also heal your life spiritually as well and empowers your healing abilities for others also.


  • Extensive coverage of our Chakra system and how they control our health. As a Reiki healer you should be well versed with our Chakra system and its impact on our mental and physical well being. Then only , you will be able to heal various health problems with Reiki healing energies.

    Reiki Level 3
    Reiki master teacher Geeta Sharma with her students at her Reiki Centre


  • Discussion about Reiki as bi polar energy.


  • Psychic attacks: You will learn about psychic attacks. Further, you will learn Reiki healing technique for relieving psychic attacks involving black magic. Also, where a negative pattern or situation is repetitive and is most of the remedial measures are ineffective. Sometimes the negative pattern cuts across generations.


  • You will also learn how to diagnose a psychic attack.


  • Psychic surgery; It helps in curing a health condition with Reiki energies, where a surgery is advised otherwise. You will be learning the technique of psychic surgery.


  • Karmic healing: This technique enables you to heal your past, present and future. You can also use this technique for others.


  • Crystal power grid for wish fulfilment:  Here, in this Reiki healing technique you will learn, how to fulfill your  wishes. Reiki always work for the higher good and is completely  safe. Only those wishes that are for the higher good are fulfilled. You can channelize Reiki energies for multiple wishes of yours and others in a span of 30 to 35 minutes through the grid.

Geeta Sharma is a certified Reiki Grand master with more than 15 years of experience of teaching Reiki and mediation.

To register for next Reiki level 3 workshop or individual training:

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