It will not be an exaggeration, if it is said that Meditation is the word of the Century! Yet this term is most misunderstood. Going by the dictionary, the word meditation, comes from two Latin words : ‘meditari’ (to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind) and ‘mederi’ (to heal).

What is Meditation?

Meditation is NOT an exercise involving forcible focus or  postures or mere controlled breathing. Although the exercise do prepare a person for meditation.

Meditation is NOT about losing awareness but it is about gaining awareness and meeting the super consciousness!

It is NOT about forced concentration or forced control, like dictating yourself that now I must focus on my breathing or I must stop thinking.

It is is all about going into a thoughtless awareness mode. Awareness mode that starts your journey within and simultaneously merges you with the super-consciousness.

It is a state of alertness but along with a state of complete calmness.

Meditation session at Geeta Sharma’s FaithHealers

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In your wakeful state, you are actually like a thought producing factory.  Your mind keeps producing dialogues with others and sometimes internal conversations with yourself. You may be thinking about past or at times about future.

During meditative state it is your journey within. You become centred, grounded and meet your super-consciousness.

A meditative mind, automatically comes back to the present moment. Humans have an inbuilt tendency to think either about past or present, but with continuous meditation practice, one tends to enjoy the present moment.

One of the most renowned Yogi and most prominent spiritual guru of modern times, Parmanahnsa Yogananda says, “meditate regularly, and you will find a joy inside that is real. You will then have something you can compare to sense pleasures. That comparison will automatically make you want to forsake your sorrow-producing bad habits. The best way to overcome temptation is to have something more fulfilling to compare it with”.

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By : Neeru Bahl ( Twitter ) 

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