Tarot reading is very useful in getting insight into your current situations and decision making.  Tarot reading in India now has become quite prevalent but genuine Tarot readers are still rare. Tarot expert Geeta Sharma has an experience of more than 15 years.

How does Tarot Reading help?

It can help you move out of any kind of dilemma, be it — career, business issues, family and health,  education and your travel or your family member’s travel.

Also, marriage and relationship issues can be solved. It can also be your guide in difficult decision making.

An accurate tarot card reading reveals your future as per your current situation.  More specifically, that future, when you keep your current situation in a status quo mode.

Thus, it helps you in guiding into correct decision making and gives an opportunity of course correction.

Traot reading group session
The tarot reading group session ends on a happy note with smiles on everyone’s faces!

Tarot reading session with Geeta Sharma is almost perfect!

A typical tarot session at FathHealers is about 45 minutes. Geeta combines her Astrology expertise with the numbers associated with the Tarot Cards, that you will pull out in a session.

Then, with these numbers she also suggests remedies. So, this way, you are not only guided in your decision making processes but also can improve your prospect through the suggested remedies.

So, this deriving of astrological positions from the tarot will help you immensely. As you can also perform remedies to put your future life in a smooth manner through these astrological remedies.

Tarot reading at FaithHealers

Geeta, in her 15 years of practice has developed a special relationship with her Tarot cards.

As a result, she can communicate with her cards. Thus, her super-conscious merges with the super-conscious of her client. In turn, this helps her in guiding you the best way.

Tarot consultation with Geeta Sharma is by appointment only. You can come over to the center for reading or may choose an online session.

For appointment call or WhatsApp: +91 98 99 678 977

You can also stay tuned to her Instagram and Facebook for free tarot readings.

Content by: Neeru Bahl

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