During my last 15 years of experience in the field of Numerology, I have come across many clients who have consulted a numerologist before; most of them were told about their general characteristics of their personality and generalised description about their lives as their Numerology calculations.

My numerology calculations go deeper and one can be tally them with astrological calculations. 95 percent of the times my calculations are accurate.

I can provide a detailed blue print of your life events like – your career, relationships, health, marriage and which options you should prefer within the available options to you.

Numerologist Geeta Sharma being fecilitated

I always believe in going for an in-depth study. Therefore,  I don’t mind applying all my knowledge related to Numerology, Astrology and Tarot Card Reading.

I don’t restrict to a particular field for which my client takes an appointment from me. Such is the passion I  work with!  

Let me share a very peculiar case of match making.  In this case, I sorted out issues where the prospective groom and bride were advised not to get married. As their astrological calculations done by their family astrologers did not match.

I calculated their numerology aspects and they turned out to be a perfect match for each other. That was very surprising!

As I am very confident about my numerology calculations, so I decided to calculate their astrological calculations again. On deeply analysing their charts, I found that with just a few minutes of difference in the time of planetary positions, the result was coming different.

Thus, I told them to go ahead with marriage confidently and they are a very happy couple now!

My connection with Numerology dates back to my teenage.

My numerology Guru was actually my sister’s boss. He did not practise professional numerology as he was a government employee. Nevertheless, he was famous for his calculation among his circle.

He had foretold some deep things about my life which came out to be 100 percent true. That developed my interest in numerology.  There on I started reading books on numerology. Furthermore, I also joined tutorials for same.  However, those books did not reveal the deep knowledge and calculation which he used to do.

After consistent persuasion and when his instincts allowed him,  he agreed to teach me those deep calculations on numerology.

As told to: Neeru Bahl ( Twitter )