A very few Vastu consultants will analyze your horoscope along with your house plan while advising you about Vastu Shastra remedies.  Astrology and Vastu are actually interlinked and its combined form is termed as Astro Vastu or Kundli Vastu.

What is Astro Vastu or Kundli Vastu?

Astro Vastu or Kundli Vastu is mapping of your planetary positions in your Astrology chart along with the Vastu zones of your house. This technique helps in figuring out the best remedies for you with minimum alteration in the house structure.

Astro Vastu calculations involve – House owner’s horoscope, Vastu chart of the house, and the auspicious time or Muhurata.

In astrology also, planets and houses have favorable directions, for example, Saturn favors the west, zodiac sign. Aries favors east, as the ascendant point out to east direction.

Why should you choose Astro Vastu consultation over Vastu consultation?

  • Generally, Vastu consultants, give you remedies only on the basis of directions. For example, they only tell about where the bedroom should be, where the kitchen should be located, or how furniture, the refrigerator, etc should be positioned.
  • Now, if your kitchen or bathroom has been constructed in the wrong direction, shifting the whole unit is not possible. Also, such changes require a lot of money. By using Astro Vastu calculations, Geeta Sharma can advise simpler remedies.
  • Moreover, the Vastu of the house should match with the horoscope of the owner. Astro- Vastu matching helps in accurate activation of a specific planet to increase positive energies and filter out negative energies.
  • These days generally homes and offices are located in multi-story buildings. As a consequence, the main address and most of the Vastu directions are similar for all the owners. Yet, Vastu effects on different occupants are different.
  • Such issues arise because of varying planetary positions in the horoscopes of various owners. At times Rahu of a particular flat owner is positive, so even if the bathroom is in the wrong direction it will not affect much. But, if the situation is vice versa, then it can create huge problems.
  • In Astro Vastu calculations, the horoscope of the owner is made; another map chart is made according to the directions. Then calculations are made by combining these two charts. Accordingly, the results will vary for different owners in the same building. These calculations help in advising tailor-made remedies so that the maximum effect can be made. Thus, maximum benefits can be achieved for Money, Career & Relationships problems resulting in peace and prosperity in life.

Geeta Sharma has more that 14 years of experience in this field. She has solved many business related, marriage related and financial problems with kundli vastu calculations successfully.

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With this method of vastu calculations, Geeta offers simple inexpensive remedies without major costly changes in the structure of the home or office.

By Neeru Bahl with inputs from Geeta Sharma

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