Learning Reiki opens doorways to work upon your body, mind and soul. The beauty of learning Reiki is that it works on all the three planes (physical, astral and causal) simultaneously and automatically! The numerous benefits of Reiki have been discussed at Benefits Of Reiki

At faithhealers we strive to teach Reiki in the undiluted traditional ways as told by Mikao Usui, the creator of Reiki.

Reiki courses at Geeta Sharma’s Reiki centre are based as per Usui Reiki training format. There are Five levels or degrees of learning Reiki.

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After learning Reiki, you not only become a channel to heal yourself but also a channel to heal others.

Reiki learning Reiki workshop

Learning Reiki; it is simple!

The beauty of Reiki is that, becoming a healing channel is very simple independent of one’s intellectual capacity and there is no age limit.

There are NO pre-conditions or prerequisites for learning Reiki.  You don’t have to be a mediation expert either!

There is no rote learning involved and nor you need years of practice. The seed of healing energies is passed on from the teacher to the student during Reiki Class by a Reiki Grand Master and is called “attunement” process.

Once “attunement” is complete, the student is a “Reiki Channel” and is ready to tap into an unlimited supply of ” universal life force” and  one has Reiki and can do Reiki. 

Reiki attunement Learning Reiki


Although receiving Reiki is a very relaxing experience but daily Reiki self-care, you can become your own doctor. Reik Level 1 deals with self care and is recommended for all.

Learning Reiki is a one-time investment especially for self care over paying for repeated sessions!  Reiki Grand-master Geeta Sharma has been healing and teaching Reiki for more than 15 years. Teaching Reiki and empowering people to realize their goals, overcome their hurts and pains is her passion. So stop not, book your Reiki class  now, call or Whatsapp: +91 98 99 678 977. 

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