A tarot course with us can help you at personal level and professional level both.

Geeta explaining Tarot reading to a student

Basic Tarot course (Personal level)

  • It  empowers you with psychic abilities.  Further, it will enable you to have a better understanding of your own self at soul level.
  • You can use Tarot for growth of your career, business and better wholesome relationships.
  • You will get integrated to your super-consciousness. Then, you can tap your intuition to make the most out of your life. Especially, for the purpose for which you have been born for.
  • Use Tarot as a guide in important decisions of your life.
  • It will accelerate your spiritual growth.
  • Give accurate psychic readings with Tarot like a professional tarot reader.
  • Use Tarot to rapidly improve your love life.
  • Use Tarot to rapidly improve your business, career and finances.
  • Consult Tarot for quick questions or more detailed readings up to 1 hour.
  • Identify what spiritual lessons you need to master to improve your life.
  • Know the best way to consult Tarot for important decisions.
  • Understand how to use Tarot to heal situations  in your life

On completing the basic Tarot course :

  • You will be thorough with history of Tarot
  • Basic knowledge of how Tarot cards work
  • Major and Minor Arcana cards and their meaning and interpretation.
  • Court cards, Reverse cards and many more things.
  • Guideline cards
  • Special meditation techniques to develop your intuitive power and a relation with your cards.
  • Most importantly, Five sessions of practical training.
  • Do’s and dont’s for tarot cards.

Advanced Tarot course (Professional level)

After completing professional course with us , you can start your professional journey.

  • You will learn interpretation of Tarot cards collated with Astrology and Numerology.
  • Technique to predict time of events according to cards.
  • Meditation  to deepen your connection with tarot cards.
  • A detailed study on Card of the Day.
  • Merging Tarot spreads and using more than one deck while reading in a professional manner.
  • We will teach you, how to connect spiritually with your client.
  • Different spreads namely- Single card spread, Two card, three, Four card spread and so on.
  • Yes and No card technique.
  • Do’s and dont’s for  tarot cards
  • How to do tarot reading for a a number of people back to back.

Your Tarot learning experience with us will not be limited to topics listed above only. Tarot cards have a vastness within them them. So, a lot will will unfold once you start leaning with us.

Tarot teaching is a passion for Geeta Sharma. Geeta over the years has developed a special relation with her cards. Her psychic readings have helped many people. For appointment call/WhatsApp: +91 98 99 678 977


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