Reiki Healing

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique. The word Reiki has a Japanese origin. However, its roots originate from Indian Vedic science. During the modern era, the doctor turned Tendai Buddhist Monk, Mikao Usui while in his long meditation periods became aware of Reiki healing energies.

So, in a way, Dr. Usoi reintroduced the ancient healing system to the world. In a layman’s language, we can also describe this energy healing technique as a ‘hands-on healing technique, where the energy healer channelizes the universal healing energies to a patient or a client’.

What is the meaning of Reiki?

It is composed of two Japanese words – ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. Here, we should understand the meaning, contextually, and not literally.

‘Rei’ means higher power or God’s energy or universal energy. Ki stands for “life force energy” or ” Chi’ in Chinese or “Prana” in Sanskrit. As per ancient wisdom, an unseen”life force energy” flows through us and pervades the universe. The same ‘Life Force Energy’ makes us survive, recover, and keep us going.

So, it is spiritually guided life force energy. It healing has immense benefits, please read here: Benefits of Reiki Healing in hindi

Is Reiki healing related to any specific religion?

No, it is not related to any religion. It is the universal life force, the divine energy that is present everywhere. Most notably, it is a healing technique to channelize the life force energy for the higher good of an individual. Most of the ancient beliefs lay stress on the presence of universal cosmic energy. These universal cosmic energies are divine spiritual energies. Moreover, these divine energies are responsible for the well-being of all of us. Whenever this cosmic energy (Reiki in Japanese) is not able to flow freely within living beings, it results in physical or emotional problems.

Who can channelize these universal healing energies?

Anyone who has received basic attunement i.e Reiki level 1 from a master teacher can channelize the universal healing energies to herself. On advanced learning, you can also heal others through channelizing these energies and become an energy healer. According to a UCLA study, around 60 hospitals in the USA have inculcated this divine healing as apart of their health services.

Can it cause any kind of harm?

No, it cannot. Although, it is natural for us to have such a doubt! As it is divine energy and has the intelligence of its own. It reaches where it is needed in the seeker’s body on its own, the practitioner is just a channel to pass on the healing energies. It cannot be guided or controlled by anyone. A  Reiki attuned person only behaves as a channel, while surrendering itself to the supreme universal energies. This learning process has different degrees as per the attunement of the Reiki symbols. The highest level is achieved after Reiki Grandmastership

Therefore, no one can misuse these energies. It always creates healing effects and No Way can harm anyone

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