Through Reiki healing sessions or by learning Reiki, one can heal all types of relationship problems – marital issues, parents and children relationships, friends, colleagues and with relatives.  Yes, Reiki for relationship problems works like a magic pill!

Reiki for relationship problems is the answer! How does that happen?

Reiki, the universal form of life force energy can heal body and mind of a person. It balances the energy forces and  clears off those negative energies that have no use in your life. Hence enabling space to welcome new form of positive energies in a better way so that you attract positive relationships. Relationships basically are communications of energies and correcting your own energy-field itself brings a remarkable improvement. Furthermore, Reiki healing makes you a patient and hence your reactions to various situations will be balanced.

  • Reiki healing balances your Heart Chakra and Sacral chakra. The aforesaid Chakras directly impact your relationships. Your ability to to receive love and give love increases multi fold. Reiki also heals your memories of your past broken relationships, your hurts and pains attached with a betrayal.
Geeta Sharma counselling her client for Reiki healing for relationship problems

Ways in which Reiki for relationship problems can create magic: 

  • learning Reiki is the best thing you can do for ailing relationships. Devoting time on learning Reiki can be an effective tool to deal with your ever persistent relationship problems.


  • By providing effective resolution of conflicts for all kinds of relationships.  Reiki healing energies clear off the blockages inside your emotional energy system. Hence, enabling you to receive love and give back love.


  • Couple therapy:  Healing energy therapy for couples can reinvent their relationships. As a result, there is an increase in harmony and love between couples. This therapy helps in deepening the love bond between couples and reconnecting themselves to each other. We have also started

FaithHealers has also started with online workshop for realtionship problems:  3 days online interractive workshop for healing relationship problems

  • Distant Reiki Light Therapy: All sorts of relationship conditions can be healed through Distant Reiki Light Therapy  (DRL) therapy on request or you can do on your own by learning Reiki level 1 and Reiki Level 2. During DRL, a Reiki healer acts as a channel of healing energy and directs healing energy to the relationship situation.


  • Chakra balancing: Are you someone who always struggles with relationships? If yes, then Chakra balancing can help you immensely.


  • Desired relationship outcomes: Family relations, a husband wife relationship, relationship of siblings etc are lifelong relationships. So, it is but natural to have conflicts also, at one point of time. Conflicts in these relationships not only affect the life of an individual but all connected individuals. Therefore, wish fulfillment with respect to desired relationship outcomes can be a very helpful solution not only for you but also for your loved ones.

    As Reiki Healing energies only work for the higher good of all the individuals involved, so it will only bring those outcomes which are for the higher good of all individuals.


  • Recovering from a wounded past relationship or a Loss: Reiki helps to heal the wounds of a broken relationship from its roots. As Reiki works at spiritual level, so it increases your inner wisdom and making you accept the reality. Regular healing sessions help in overcoming the aches and pains of a broken relationship and a personal loss remarkably.

Geeta Sharma has an experience of more than 15 years of healing and reforming relationships through her Reiki expertise and intuitive abilities. Call or WhatsApp: +91 98 99 678 977

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