A Reiki healing session can be done by anyone who has learnt Reiki healing i.e who has received attunement from a master teacher. In this article we have tried to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We should note, that a Reiki healing session should never be done for free and without request. These two conditions are a lesser known.  Dr. Mikao Usoi suggested these two pre-requistes for an effective Reiki healing session.

You can watch a video by Reiki expert Geeta Sharma about these 2 lesser known principles of Reiki hereHere

You yourself can do your ‘self-Reiki’ after learning Reiki level 1 . You can be your own healer.

Now a question must be coming to your mind that why healing should carry conditions?

For a successful Reiki healing session

Reiki Healing is a team work.  Only an enthusiastic receiver, can absorb energies to the fullest. Even if a Reiki healer has very strong channelising power, but without a good reciever it will not be effective. So, only a person whho is willing to recieve Reiki energies can get healed.

Next is, you as an energy healer should never give healing for free.

As, whatever is passed on free is not valued by anyone. Moreover, there has to be an exchange of energies to create a balance. However, this exchange of energy could even be a token money.

A special set up for healing session, is it always needed?

No, there is no typical setting required. A quiet place can be more effective as there are no distractions. What actually is needed is a healer with positive intenetions!

It is a common sight to find healing centres that have ambience consistent with spiritual aspect of Reiki.  However, Reiki healing can be done anywhere, anytime and has no pre-conditions attached to it as far as ambience is concerned.

More importantly, it comes to rescue during emergency situations and acute conditions immediately. Only a few moments of touch of a Reiki trained person can bring visible comfort to a suffering person.

What have been typical experience of most of the people who have recieved a session?

In a Reiki  healing session, you can either be fully inclined or in a half inclined position. It is always better to lie down completely to feel the ultimate relaxation. Reiki can be done as ‘hands on’ with a soft touch or hands of the healer can be an inch or two.

Sometimes, you may feel a bit tired during your healing session. This usually happens when the issues  are related to your deep emotional problems which have got buried under layers of time. So when those energy blocks release negative energies, you may feel a bit sad or tense. But that is temporary.

Please note that, such experiences should not be perceived as something negative but a normal healing process where deep rooted old knots of pain and hurt open up, to let go of negative energies.

Reiki Healing Session With Geeta Sharma
Reiki Healing Session With Geeta Sharma

How many Reiki healing sessions are needed to experience its effect?

Normally, a series of sessions are needed to eradicate the problem or issues completely. At-least Seven sessions should be experienced before you start evaluating your experience.

Reiki healing session leaves you feeling relaxed and fresh. Therefore, almost immediately after one session, the quality of sleep improves considerably.

Many a times, after initial 2-3 sessions, you may even fall asleep during the session itslef! Such is the extent of deep relaxation.

Benefits of Reiki healing are immense. You only have to experience it to beleive it!

Counselling and history taking before a session

A Reiki healer will always discuss your life, your thoughts before starting the healing. Also all your health problems will also be noted down. This is again a standard practise.

Post healing session is complete, you and your healer will again talk for a while. This will be how you feel now and how you can incorporate some positive changes in your lifestyle.

Geeta Sharma, is a certified Reiki Grandmaster with an experience of over 15 years. She has treated many health conditions with Reiki healing. She has long list of satisfied clients who are leading a stress free health life.

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