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Geeta madam’s grace should be reason enough for everyone who is looking for some kind of guidance or advice for their personal problems.

Siddhant Mohapatra

I came to Geeta to learn about Reiki out of curiosity and I left with new found tools to achieve peace and happiness in life. I am very grateful for amazing lessons and hospitality.

Vlad Mazure

Trust worthy n very geniue guidance for each n every work. And counselling sessions with Geeta mam are very self motivating n success assured n I m very happy to experience drastic changes in my Life.

Simran Srivastava

Power of AUM

The Power Of AUM Mantra: AUM Chant Meditation Heals Past, Present & Future

The power of AUM lies in the fact that it is the sound of creation and the sound of the […]

Chakra Chants

FaithHealers’ Chakra Chants: Guided Chakra Healing Meditation Series With Chakra Beej Mantras

FaithHealers’ Chakra Chants series brings to you guided Chakra Beej Mantra meditations. The album consists of 8 guided meditations for […]

LAM Beej Mantra

LAM Beej Mantra: Mantra For Root Chakra Meditation or Muladhara Chakra healing & Activation

Your meditative journey begins with Root Chakra meditation and the sound is LAM Beej Mantra. The word ‘Beej’ in the […]