Learn to Be the Co-creator of Your Destiny

Though it is true that a higher power is guiding us on our life’s journey, it is also true that each of us possesses the ability to co-create our destiny, and that is our super power.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

So, do you wish to learn how to co-create your destiny?

If yes, come join us at FaithHealers, where you will be guided on creating the world of your dreams; one filled with abundance, peace and prosperity.

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Free Tarot Consultation Week

We are providing one free “Tarot Consultation – Single Situation Reading” of 15 minutes to each customer. 

Hurry up….!! Booking slots are available till 3rd Oct 2022. You can choose your consultation date of your choice in between 28-oct-2022 to 05-oct-2022 in allotted time slots.

Please Note: This offer valid only for one time of a single user. If you requested again for the same, the consultation will be rejected.

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Every week, we run a contest where one lucky winner is chosen for a free consultation on one of the following topics: Tarot, Reiki, Numerology and Face Reading.

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Who is She?

Geeta Sharma

Reiki healer Geeta Sharma is an acclaimed energy healer in Delhi. She is founder of FaithHealers. She is a  Reiki Grandmaster teacher, meditation expert, astrologer, numerologist and tarot card reader, with an experience of 20 years. Her journey with Reiki healing started around 20 years back. Initially, she learnt Reiki to heal herself out from her health problems. On finding Reiki, a life-changing experience, she decided to take it up at a professional level. She is a certified Reiki Grand Master and Reiki Master Teacher.

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Our Services

FaithHealers offers a plethora of Occult Science related services that can help you lead a happy, healthy and successful life. As of now, we offer personalized consultations (with prior appointment) and courses on the following topics:

Reiki is the practice of channeling the Universal energy to heal people. Faith Healers offers personalized Reiki healing sessions and certified courses where students will learn how to practice Reiki on their own.

Tarot reading is the ancient practice of receiving divine guidance through Tarot Cards. Faith Healers offers Tarot consultations and certified Tarot Card Reading courses.

Numerology is the practice of analyzing the effect of numbers on one’s life. Faith Healers offers personalized Numerology consultations and certified Numerology courses.

Face Reading is the analysis of an individual’s personality based on their facial features. Faith Healers offers Face Reading consultations and a certified Face Reading course.

Vaastu is the ancient science of architecture that can help create positive energy and bring in prosperity, abundance and harmony into a dwelling area. Faith Healers offers Vastu consultations (including a personal visit) and a course on Vastu Shashtra.

Akin to Vedic mantras, Switch Words are powerful words that can be used to attain any desired goal or outcome. FaithHealers offers personalized consultation sessions and a certified

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Every hidden trait and personality of a person is written on the face. What we lack is the ability to read it. Face reading is the art of reading faces to understand what is in the mind. Geeta Sharma who herself is an expert of occult science has written this book to share with you her knowledge of face reading. Trust us, this book knows you better than anyone else. So, you can also know your true strengths and weaknesses and can use them for your better future. After you will finish reading, you will notice your changed perception of seeing people.
You can call this book a “how to make life easier” guide too as it is definitely going to be it by telling you who is good and who is not.

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Occult Science
Other services

Complete Occult Science Course

This course is a diverse mix of powerful techniques that has been designed to empower a student with complete knowledge on various occult sciences related topics.

Approximately spread over a year, this complete occult science package can help you understand different facets of occult science such as Reiki, tarot card reading, numerology, chakra balancing, face reading and switch words, that can be combined – as required – to bring about holistic healing. Click below for more details regarding the package and the fee structure.





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Hear from our clients

“Geeta madam’s grace should be reason enough for everyone who is looking for some kind of guidance or advice for their personal problems.”

Siddhant Mohapatra

“I came to Geeta to learn about Reiki out of curiosity and I left with new found tools to achieve peace and happiness in life. I am very grateful for amazing lessons and hospitality.”

Vlad Mazure

“Trust worthy n very geniue guidance for each n every work. And counselling sessions with Geeta mam are very self motivating n success assured n I m very happy to experience drastic changes in my Life.”

Simran Srivastava
Happy reiki students
Happy reiki students
Happy tarot students
Based on 175 reviews
Lucky Lakshmi
Lucky Lakshmi
Great learning from a well trained teacher.
Radhika Gupta
Radhika Gupta
My experience in learning reiki under the guidance of Geeta ma'am has been outstanding. I have learnt reiki from level 1 till Grandmaster from Geeta ma'am. She is great. She teach things in a very logical and scientific manner. Her classes are being conducted in a systematic manner. I am blessed to become Reiki Grandmaster under the guidance of Geeta ma'am and I am also looking forward to join Geeta ma'am for other courses as well to gain knowledge from her. One can consult ma'am for learning Reiki or any other course without giving any second thought.
Anuradha Pandey
Anuradha Pandey
The way Geeta Ma'am was completed our level one was amazing.. She explained all the topics in a very simple way so anyone can understand easily.?
alpana Parua
alpana Parua
It was great experience with Gita ma'am.she is a fabulous teacher. I leaned reiki grand mastership from her and it change my life totally.Thank you ma'am.
diraj k
diraj k
Vrushali Kalbate
Vrushali Kalbate
मैने गीता मॅम से रेकी ग्रँडमास्टरशीप और टॅरोट कार्ड रीडींग सिखा है | उनका मेडिटेशन लेने का तरीका मुझे बहोत पसंद आया । सिखाने का तरीका हर एक चीज कैसे करनी है ये सब अच्छी तरहसे समझाना , सच मे ग्रेट अनुभव था I
prachi Desai
prachi Desai
Geeta Ma’am is an extremely knowledgeable person who doesn’t hold back the knowledges she possesses. It has been a pleasure to learn Tarot and Numerology in depth from her. Looking forward to learn a lot more!
Karishma Yadav
Karishma Yadav
The quote says,"The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see."and Geeta mam fits into this quote very well. She guide us in every corner of life whether it is material or spiritual world and the best part of her is that she tells us just experience the process and surrender yourself to supreme power and indeed it helped me a lot. I have learnt 3 levels of reiki and every time there was new experience. I'ld like to end with the quote, "Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher." She is a beautiful soul and has a very positive aura. Last thing if u want to learn reiki then u can trust here because the name is FAITH HEALER. Thank you so much Geeta mam for being my master. May universe bless you with want u want. Yours loving student, Karishma ?❣️
Vinita Arora
Vinita Arora
I have learnt level 3 Reiki from Geeta ma'am and the experience has been magical. It has opend up a new way of life for me. Her calmness and deep knowledge make everything seem very natural and easy to understand. Thank you Geeta ma'am for being a ray of hope in my life.
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar
Don't know where to start with. I learned Reiki 1 28 years back but got out of touch but during the lockdown I again wanted to do it and came across few teacher but decided to learn this from Geeta mam after watching some of her videos. I am so glad today that I took this decision. Till date I have done 3 course with mam. Learning from mam is so peaceful, her aura of blessing is true representation of spirituality and teaching. Again truly an honour to gain all this knowledge from her. Thank you mam for being there for us.

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