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Ways how Reiki for Business and Career can be a boon!

Using the healing powers of Reiki for Business and Career can improve your growth chart by leaps and bounds. Actually, Reiki healing goes beyond healing living beings.  It can heal any kind of business and career condition, just like health conditions. We all know matter and energy are inter-convertible. We often listen to cosmic energy, heat energy, wave energies, sound energy, food energy, etc. Everything around us has some kind of energy associated with it.  There are two types of energies, positive and negative.

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Reiki Wish-Box Workshop at FaithHealers with Reiki Grandmaster Geeta Sharma

Energies associated with human auras tend to get absorbed by the places we go, furniture, and things we use. As in your office, shop, or business complex, varied people come including your clients and staff.  Consequently, your working space absorbs these energies. Some may leave positive and some may bring in negative energies.

Here, Reiki healing comes to your rescue with respect to your business or career as it gets rid of negative energies and channelizes positive divine energies!

Reiki for your success works at two levels:

Healing your own energies: The most vital aspect for your business or career is You. So, first of all, overhauling of your internal energies and your aura becomes most important. First of a Reiki healer will clear energy blockages within your energetic system. Once you are free from negative energies, you will start attracting positive energies. Success follows when your inner self is healed.

  • Reiki healing sessions can heal you, your surroundings, and your business and career prospects drastically says Reiki Grandmaster Geeta Sharma or you can learn your self-healing from us.
  • With healing techniques, an energy healer can heal and balance your 7 chakras which will help in removing blockages. Thus, bringing you to the path of prosperity in your business and career.
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Using techniques of Reiki for Business and career conditions:

  • Creating a Reiki wish box for your business and career can be a turning point for you. The wish box can help you in achieving your business goals with a clear timeline about income. Also, it works on the area of expansion, and the results you desire remarkably. Reiki Wish Box with clearly outlined goals gives miraculous results!  Reiki master Geeta, infuses healing energies in the wish box. You can also do the same but for that, you have to learn Reiki.

Please watch Reiki wish box video here: Reiki Wish Box Video

  • Reiki can heal tough situations in your work including issues with your clients and staff. Reiki always works for the higher good of all those who are involved in that situation. So, you need not worry about outcomes at all!  You can do your situational healing yourself if you have learned Reiki Level 2 from Geeta. Otherwise, she can heal your situations.
  • Also, by sending Reiki energies to a future meeting with your client, a business proposal or any kind of situation positive outcomes are almost certain. Most importantly, Reiki is spiritual energy. Therefore, it will always work for the higher good of all.  Hence, Reiki can never cause any harm. Here as well, if you learn Reiki, you can do the same as many times as you wish.
  • Reiki energies can energize — business cards, advertisement campaigns positively to attract the most suitable clients, proposals, and deals for you.
  • By regularly cleaning your workspace that including furniture, office equipment, etc through Reiki techniques helps in filling it with positive energies. (Remember, Like energies attract like energies!).  Therefore, filling your workspace with positive energies will result in positive effects on your business. Apart from Usui Reiki, there is also specially formulated Money Reiki that works deeply on money-related problems. Please check the details about Money Reiki Course here: Money Reiki Online Course: Reiki For Money Manifestation

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If you are facing difficult situations in your business or career despite 24 x 7 hard work, Geeta Sharma, at FaithHealers can help you. At FaithHealers, Geeta from her 15 year of experience can customize healing as per your specific requirements. Also, you can learn for Reiki from her.

So, wait not, call or WhatsApp: +91 9899678977 for appointment! Apart from Reiki healing, Astrology, Vastu and Numerology consultations from Geeta are immensely helpful for your prosperity and career graph.