Past life Regression

Past life Regression Healing

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy involves healing of repetitive patterns of health and emotional problems for which medical science has no explanation, fears and stumbling blocks related to present life by going back to your past life. Reincarnation or getting reborn is a concept, well known in Hinduism, East Asian philosophies, ancient Egyptian and Shamanic theories, and almost all other ancient cultures across the world. The soul carries the past life experiences and Karmas into the new birth life.


 The past life experiences and Karmas create stubborn bundles of negative energies in your Chakras or Energy Centers and hence unresolved problematic patterns keep haunting you in your present life. Past life regression therapy (PLRT) heals your repetitive patterns, fears or phobias, recurring health problems and psychological and neurological problems that cannot be cured with modern medicine. PLRT also heals repetitive relationship problems. Relationships involve soul-groups or members of our soul families, so there is reason behind each and every relationship. Therefore chronic repetitive problems associated with them, may have origins in your past life. Also, It also can be a great way to discover yourself at soul level.

Is Past Life Regression Therapy just hypnotherapy? 

PLRT from an Energy Healer or a Reiki Healer is different from merely getting into your past life via hypnosis. Most notably it heals the root cause of your problem that exists in your past life. The healer will work with you and heal the problems at the soul level with permission from higher sources and spirit guides. The therapy takes you to your subconscious level through deep relaxing guided Meditation and hypnosis techniques. During this meditative stage, one becomes open to the memories of past life. Then healer with the permission of spirit guides sends healing energy to those situations which are still affecting you in your present life.

So basically, Past Life Regression Therapy heals you spiritually at the soul level. It releases the negative Karmas of yours that are the cause of blockages in your present life.

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Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy from a Reiki Healer:
  • Heals recurrent stubborn health problems which modern medicine fails to help and explain.
  • Heals persistent repetitive relationship issues.
  • Helps you, when you on and on keep reaching dead ends in your business or career.
  • Resolves phobias and fears
  • Gets rid of Curses that keep getting passed from one generation to another
  • Heals childhood trauma
  • Freedom from Substance abuse
  • You can know your life purpose

Reiki Healer Geeta Sharma over the years has healed phobias, chronic depression, unexplained panic attacks, and memories of childhood traumas, chronic health problems, drug addiction, and obsessive-compulsive behavior through Past Life Regression Therapy. Also, has helped people to find their life purpose, get rid of Black Magic related effects that continue to hound their present. For more details and an appointment call or Whatsapp: + 91 98 99 678 977