Chakra Healing and Chakra Meditation Course

Chakra Healing and Chakra Meditation Course: Unlock Your Chakras for a Free Flow of Prana or Universal Life Force Energies within You

Investing in a Chakra healing and meditation course will reap returns for you throughout life. According to the Vedas, the […]

Reiki Level 1 Online classes with Geeta Sharma

Online Reiki Level 1 Course: Learn Reiki Healing and Meditation With Geeta Sharma. Achieve Health, Wealth & Power

Learning online Reiki level 1 with live video classes is very much possible now! During the ongoing CoronaVirus out break, […]

क्या रेकी एक धर्म है?

रेकी क्या एक धर्म है; या फिर जीवन जीने की कला और अद्धायतम का एक जरिया?

बहुत से लोगों के मन में रेकी को लेकर एक शंका रहती है कि रेकी एकअलग धर्म है. रेकी क्या एक […]