Chakra Balancing

Guided Chakra Healing Meditation Series With Chakra Beej Mantras

FaithHealers’ Chakra Chants series brings to you guided Chakra Beej Mantra meditations. The album consists of 8 guided meditations for Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing. According to the Vedas, the ancient Indian scriptures, Chakras are spinning wheels of energy centers within us. There are 7 major Chakras or Energy Centers within our esoteric system. The ‘Prana’ i.e. the universal life force energy that pervades the Universe flows through the Guide to 7 Chakras or Energy Centers and keeps us running. 

We can say that Chakras are a kind of software that runs your physical body and your life. They have your past, present and future encoded in them. Your emotional and psychological well being and spiritual growth, your life, all are determined by how balanced and open your Chakra system is. If  Chakras are healed, life is healed. Balanced Chakras lead to a healthy body, mind, and soul. Your life issues, be it materialistic or emotional will also get healed and solved with a balanced Chakra system. Balanced Chakras will create a balance in all aspects of your life. The Complete Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing Program can give you an in-depth understanding of the 7 Chakra system and how to heal and balance your Chakras. 

Why you should do Chakra Beej Mantra Meditations ie Chakra Chants?

Beej is the Sanskrit word for the seed. Each chakra has a unique vibratory frequency. The beej mantra for a particular Chakra vibrates on the same frequency. So when you chant a Beej Mantra, you resonate with the frequency of that Chakra. Hence cleansing and healing that Chakra.

FaithHealers’ Chakra Chants series has seven meditations for seven chakras. The eighth video is the combined 7 Chakra meditation video. Doing chakra beej mantra meditation along with the video will make you meditate at the same frequency of the chakra beej mantra. Our whole life depends on these 7 chakras. Exactly the way a car runs on its 4 wheels, the human body and our life run on these Chakras. The way wheel alignment of a car is very important for a smooth ride, likewise, alignment of 7 Chakras is a prerequisite for a smooth life. FaithHealers’ Chakra Chants Guided Meditation is now available on all the major music streaming platforms:

Reiki expert Geeta Sharma conducts online Chakra awareness programs and also Chakra Meditation programs. These are live and interactive programs.