Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Power of Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an alternative energy healing technique where crystals are used for health and emotional problems.  Healing with Crystals can drive out negative energies from a human body, accompanied by surroundings or from an area. They can also channelize positive, healing energies to the place needed.

Scientifically, a crystal is an organized group of atoms or molecules. They are naturally found on Earth. On passing electric current, crystals vibrate at their unique frequency. Vibrating crystals were used in radios originally. Vibrating crystals are also used for timekeeping e.g. in a quartz clock the vibration of a quartz crystal measures time. Crystals are also used in preparing modern pharmaceutical preparations and in smartphones these days.

What is the secret behind Crystal Healing?

The traditional documented basis of Crystal healing is found in the Hindu concept of Chakras and also in the Chinese concept of life force energy, chi.  Chakras are life force energy vertices on which our lives depend, spiritually, emotionally, and health-wise.

If your Reiki healer chooses a correct crystal for you, then it has the capability to interact with the energy flowing within your chakras. It removes the negative energies out of your Chakra system and drives in positive life force energy. Hence healing you from within says, energy  healer Geeta Sharma . Further, she emphasizes that with the right kind of healing crystal; the healing energies can be multiplied and can be focused on the concerned area or chakra. Crystals can also store healing energies and then keep releasing them slowly.

Therefore we can also say, healing crystals work like slow-release alternative energy medications.

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How can Crystal Healing help you?

By removing negative energies – Crystals can efficiently absorb negative energy from your body.  The right kind of crystal can behave like a magnet pulling out all the negative energies.

 By focusing positive healing energies – Healing crystals and stones act as a channel to direct healing energies in your Chakras, your thought processes, and also at soul levels.

There is no thumb rule regarding healing crystal, says Geeta, founder of FaithHealers. She further says that over the years, crystal healers develop intuitive powers on how to use crystals for healing as per the requirement of the concerned person. A crystal healer can programme a crystal’s vibrations with her vibrational energies and thoughts in such a way that it gives maximum benefit to the receiver, explains Geeta Sharma.

She further adds that an experienced intuitive crystal healer can create energy grids for healing.

  • These energy grids form energy circuits that induce healing.
  • She prepares Chakra grids, which are placed over Chakras to heal and balance your chakras.
  • Similarly, she advises crystals for creating a balance between you and your environment for bringing stability in your life
  • Crystal healing can help in all sorts of health conditions, both physiological and psychological.

Geeta Sharma will tailor energy healing treatment as per your specific needs. She will begin by conducting a in-depth analysis of your aura, symptoms, overall health, your past experiences and your numerology out come. For an appointment call or WhatsApp: +91 9899678977

So is it not that Your Inner Self Needs a Holy Dip to Get Rid of Negative Emotions to Start Your Healing Journey.