Training Programs in Reiki

Learning Reiki opens doorways to work upon your body, mind, and soul. The beauty of Reiki meditation is that it works on all three planes (physical, astral, and causal) simultaneously and automatically! The numerous benefits of Reiki have been discussed at Benefits Of Reiki

At faithhealers we strive to teach Reiki in the undiluted traditional ways as told by Mikao Usui, who introduced Reiki to the world.

Online Reiki courses and at Geeta Sharma’s Reiki center are based on the Usui Reiki training format. 

Reiki healing, rituals & positive energies

There are five levels or degrees of learning Reiki. 

What is Tarot Card Reading

The tarot reading course with Geeta Sharma can help you at a personal level and professional level. You can also start your own Tarot reading business after completing the full course. These courses are offered online as well. Our online Tarot reading course is through live interactive video classes. It will provide you with thorough practice. There won’t be any pre-recorded video classes, only live interactive classes directly with her!

You will learn to read Tarot cards intuitively and not by rote learning. So you will be able to deliver readings accurately. Also, you will develop inner wisdom to read the imagery on the cards and hence the subconscious mind.


The Tarot Card reading program here at FaithHealers is divided into:

1. Basic course: Tarot Reading Course For Beginners

2. Advanced or Professional Tarot Reading course.

The medium of instruction is Hindi and English both.

Professional Numerology Course

Numerology online classes with experienced Numerologist Geeta Sharma will be almost similar to having an in-person learning experience! Her Numerology courses are online live and interactive video classes. The Numerology course will cover all aspects of this fantastic world of numbers!

For a better and comprehensive learning experience, the course is divided into Basic Numerology Certificate Course and Advanced Numerology Certificate Course.

The whole program i.e basic and advanced is spread across 2 months, with 20 classes, with each class duration 1.5 hours

  • The course is designed in such a way that, by the end of completing the basic numerology program, you will be at ease with numbers and their influence on our lives.
  • The course material is drafted in a very simple language.
  • You will also get practical training and notes.

Face Reading | Samudrik Shastra

Face reading /Samudrik shastra/ Physiognomy refers to the study of human faces to understand the character/ personality of a person based on his/her facial features. It is an ancient technique to read a person’s personality by analyzing his/her facial features, as every feature has a psychological meaning.

Have you ever thought about how your life could have turned out if you already knew about most of the people in your life?

People around us have a great impact on our lives, and we cannot escape the fact that most of us get impressed easily by people just by the image of a good person they created in front of us. Later, when they show us their true colors, it disturbs our mental peace, because clearly, we were not ready for that. It can help you a lot, as it can tell you the least you can expect from a person.