Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers that can help you gain clarity, should you need any.

Tarot Advance Course


What is Tarot?

A Tarot deck is a divination tool that helps a reader connect with the divine energies or higher consciousness to gain wisdom and guidance. 
Typically comprising 78 cards, a Tarot deck is split into two categories:
i. Major Arcana: 22 cards that represent karmic and spiritual lessons.
ii. Minor Arcana: 56 cards that represent day-to-day experiences and challenges.

What makes Tarot work?

During a Tarot reading, the energies of the card reader, the questioner, and the cards are believed to work in sync, which connects the reader with the higher consciousness that imparts the relevant information and required guidance.

How can Tarot help?

An authentic Tarot card reading should be able to help you:
i. Gain clarity regarding an impending issue (could be career, relationship, finances,
health etc).
ii. Predict the future based on your current situation and energy.
iii. Guide you in the right direction.

Can Tarot really predict the future?

Yes, Tarot can really predict the future. In fact, Tarot has been used for centuries as a prediction and guidance tool. However, how one arrives at this prediction depends on the number and nature of the Tarot cards that have been drawn.
For instance, if a Tarot reader chooses to draw only one card, then the prediction will involve only a Yes or No answer. But if they choose to use a three-card spread – drawing one card each for the past, present and the future – the prediction will be based on these three cards.

Can Tarot predict timespan for an event?

Yes. Each card in a Tarot deck signifies a particular pre-defined timespan. A reader who is well versed with these pre-defined timespans can easily predict when an event is likely to occur.

Can Tarot provide remedies?

Tarot is primarily a prediction and guidance tool. Therefore, as a standalone tool, Tarot
cannot be used for remedies. At Faith Healers, our renowned Tarot expert – Geeta Sharma – uses her knowledge on other modalities such numerology, Vedic or western astrology, Angel guidance and so on to provide appropriate remedies for issues/challenges that are uncovered during a
Tarot reading.

Is it necessary to possess a highly developed intuition or psychic ability to interpret Tarot cards?

A highly developed intuition and psychic powers definitely play a major role while interpreting Tarot cards. However, you must remember that intuition is not something one can develop overnight. Fortunately, there are various tools and techniques that can be used to develop and sharpen the intuition. Such techniques are taught in the courses conducted by Faith Healers.

Can you read Tarot for yourself?

Yes, you can certainly read Tarot for yourself. In fact, in the Tarot course conducted by Faith Healers, students are taught how to draw daily guidance cards that can point them in the right direction and also strengthen the bond with their cards.

Vastu Shashtra

What is Vastu Shastra?

The term Vastu is made up of two Sanskrit words – ‘Vastu’ and ‘Shastra’ – where:
i. Vastu means dwelling, house, building or ground, and
ii. Shastra means teaching or doctrine.
Therefore, Vastu Shastra is the doctrine that provides guidelines on how to build
dwelling spaces to maximise the surrounding positive energies.

Is it necessary to construct a building according to the principles of Vastu, and why?

Everything in this universe is made up of five basic elements, namely earth, water, fire, air and sky – also known as the Pancha Bhutas. Each of these elements signifies certain positive attributes; for example, Air signifies happiness, Earth signifies stability, Water signifies new opportunities, Fire signifies confidence, and Sky signifies artistic thinking.
According to the principles of Vastu, if these five elements are scientifically combined and positioned appropriately in a dwelling place, positive energies will emanate from all
directions and corners. For example, it is believed that any opening or entrance at the South-West area or corner of a dwelling place can lead to ‘leakage’ or loss of money due to the entry of negative energies. Therefore, as per Vastu, it is recommended to close and block the South-West area of a building. So, yes, it would certainly be beneficial to construct a dwelling place according to the Vastu principles.

Is Vastu applicable to any specific religion?

Vastu Shashtra is a science, and therefore unrelated to religion.
While it is true that the earliest reference to Vastu is found in two of the most
prominent Hindu texts – the Atharva and the Rig Veda – Vastu does not, in any way,
belong to the religion in question.

Meaning, Vastu belongs to anyone who wishes to use the science and reap the benefits of its positive effects, irrespective of the person’s religious status or beliefs.

How can Vastu help one lead a better life?

Building an area, place, building or city as per Vastu Shastra can:
i. Make life comfortable.
ii. Aid spiritual growth by creating an outer space that is congenial for spiritual
iii. Create a space that is in sync with nature and the five elements.
iv. Enhance Personality: Kundli or Astro Vastu can help enhance one’s relationship
with themselves.
v. Improve personal and professional relationships
vi. Attain mental peace.
vii. Help create a clean and clutter-free space that enhances happiness, health,
peace, prosperity and strength.
viii. Help the residents maintain a state of high positive energy throughout the day.

What is Astro or Kundli Vastu and how is it beneficial?

Astro or Kundli Vastu involves the analysis of the owner’s Astrology chart as well as the
house or building plan. This technique can be used to figure out the best remedies with
minimum alteration to the house structure. However, despite its benefits and
effectiveness, only a handful of Vastu consultants use this technique.
At FaithHealers, all Vastu consultations are based on Astro Vastu calculations, carried out by our expert Ms. Geeta Sharma. Over the last 14 years, Kudli Vastu has helped Ms. Sharma solve many business, marriage and finance related issues, successfully.

Who can learn Vastu?

Anyone interested in learning Vastu, irrespective of their religion, caste, race, ethnicity,
nationality etc, are welcome to learn Vastu with us.

What type of Vastu consultation is offered by Faith Healers?

FaithHealers offers consultations that include a personal visit to the
building/house/office/dwelling space.

Best Astro Vastu
Numerology (1)


What is Numerology?

Numerology or Sankhyatatvwa is the analysis of the influence of numbers on a person’s

Why must one consider getting a Numerology consultation?

Each number is unique and has its own significance. Understanding the meaning of these numbers and how they relate to us personally can help us identify the general patterns governing our life and make significant changes where necessary.
For example, the digits on your phone number can impact your temperament,
communication and personality as a whole. Therefore, sometimes, changing your phone number can miraculously turn around your personality or life situation for the better.

What are the details required for accurate birth date analysis?

For accurate analysis, we would require the correct date of birth (date, month and year) and full name as mentioned on the birth certificate.

Which name should be provided for numerology calculations – the one on the birth certificate or the current name?

Preferably, both names must be provided.

What information can a numerologist gauge from your name and date of birth?

Based on your date of birth and name, a numerologist can:
i. Gauge your personality, destiny, social interaction, and relationship.
ii. Help you select the right dwelling place, business address, phone number etc.
iii. Suggest the right day to start ventures.
iv. Provide year-wise predictions in general and so on.

Is Numerology only about name and date of birth analysis?

No. During the course of your life, you are sure to come across many numbers such as house number, business number, phone number, bank account number, car number etc, that are bound to have a deep impact on your life.
Therefore, consulting a numerologist on the impact of these numbers on your life is a good idea as it can help you navigate life with ease.

How can Numerology help you?

Numerology can help you:
i. Gain clarity regarding your life’s purpose.
ii. Make the right decisions.
iii. Prepare and plan for important life events such as career, marriage, partnership
iv. Improve relationships, choose the right partner, analyse compatibility and also
alert you regarding a person’s intentions (good or bad) towards you.

Face Reading

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is the ancient art of determining the personality and characteristics of a
person based on their facial features.

Why must one consider getting a Face Reading consultation?

In today’s world of social media and easy connectivity, we have innumerable opportunities to connect with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. While many people may turn out to be excellent friends, colleagues or business partners, you could also come across a few who just cannot be trusted.
On your own, determining if someone is trustworthy or not may be a challenging task, as it is difficult to guess what exactly is going on in a person’s mind. In such a case, if you truly wish to know about a person’s intentions, you may go for a Face Reading consultation, that – in our experience – usually proves to be shockingly accurate.

How does Face Reading help?

Face reading can help you:
i. Understand your true personality and that of others.
ii. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and that of others.
iii. Spot risks before investing time, effort, and money in an individual.
iv. Make informed decisions regarding business partners and employees.
v. Make informed decisions regarding marriage and other relationships.
vi. Keep yourself and loved ones away from ill-intentioned people.

How does Face Reading work?

If you wish to know someone’s true nature, just show their picture to a Face Reading
expert, who will read the facial features and gauge the person’s nature, personality and intentions.

Who can learn Face Reading?

Though Face Reading can be learned and practiced by anyone, it is especially helpful for people involved in occupations that often puts them in contact with tricky and untrustworthy people.
For example, a spy or a civil servant, whose job regularly places them in high-risk
situations, can use the art of face reading to capture criminals, escape from dangerous situations, and also save lives in extreme situations. We have had many such people who prefer to take up this course individually and actively use Face Reading to gauge the true nature and intentions of the people they interact with. Needless to say, for such people, Face Reading is not only a good-to-know
technique, but a life-saving tool.

What are the Face Reading courses offered by Faith Healers and the topics covered?

FaithHealers offers an online course that can aid you in recognizing a person’s true character, fate, health, and relationships just by glancing at their facial features.
This course includes 10 live online classes, each class typically spanning an hour’s time.

Reiki 2


What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words – Rei and Ki – where:
– ‘Rei’ means Universal or divine energy and
– ‘Ki’ means Life Force energy, also known as “Chi” in Chinese or “Prana” in
Put together, ‘Rei-ki’ means universal life force energy.

Is Reiki magic or medicine?

Although it’s true that Reiki brings about tremendous physical and mental healing that may seem magical, in reality Reiki is neither magic nor medicine. It is just a simple healing technique that can help you shift your energy from negative to positive, which in itself is enough to bring about magical healing.

How does Reiki healing work?

Reiki lays stress on the presence of a spiritually guided cosmic energy that is responsible for the universal well-being. Whenever this cosmic energy gets disturbed or is unable to
flow freely within living beings, it results in physical or emotional anomalies. Reiki is a technique where an energy healer acts as a conduit through which the universal healing energy is channelized into an individual, place, thing or situation that requires healing. By virtue of being an intelligent energy, once channelized, Reiki knows exactly where to flow and what to do to bring about long-lasting healing.

Reiki is an impartial, religion-less technique that can be learnt and channelized by people belonging to any religion, caste, race, ethnicity and nationality.

Who can channelize the Reiki energy?

An individual who has received basic attunement during a Reiki level 1 course from a master teacher can channelize the Reiki energies.

Are there any side effects of Reiki healing?

Reiki is an intelligent energy that is always helpful; never harmful. Therefore, there are no side effects of Reiki healing.