Reiki for Addiction Treatment

Wondering if Reiki can heal addiction?

Yes, it certainly can. Let’s find out how…

We live in a world where gaining access to substances such as drugs and alcohol has become as easy as a walk in the park. Which is why, addiction has now become commonplace, even among school children. In many cases, unfortunately, parents and loved ones find out about the addiction a little too late for help.


Many a time, people use substances to deal with the pain from a traumatic life experience that has disturbed them mentally and emotionally. Initially, the substance helps them feel relaxed and free. But eventually, the false sense of freedom turns into a stubborn addiction which completely takes over their life.

What causes depression?

Reiki expert and founder of FaithHealers Geeta Sharma from her experience of treating Cancer patients, says that cancer is many a times an outcome of the baggage of past traumas. She further adds that in order to heal yourself you need to leave that baggage behind and move forward. For example, if you want to climb a mountain and you want to reach to the top you need to cut down the weight you are carrying on your back or unload the unnecessary baggage. She suggests the same logic for starting your healing journey.

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Is it possible to recover from addiction?

As mentioned earlier, it is definitely possible to recover from addiction, and while there are many options for therapy, one of the most powerful and effective healing techniques to treating addiction is Reiki. According to the founder of FaithHealers and renowned Reiki expert – Geeta Sharma – who has helped several people recover from addiction, depending upon the complexity of the case, just about a few weeks of Reiki healing therapy is enough to get the addicts to open up about their struggles and accept that it is indeed possible to feel relaxed and balanced without substances. Once that happens, the healing process becomes easy. Overtime, with regular Reiki healings, as the practitioner channels the cosmic energy into the client, the emotional pain and need to resort to substances begins to subside. Eventually the person turns over a new leaf and starts living life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Client Testimonial

“I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful to Reiki FaithHealers… [Reiki] it just brought me back to life… It was an extraordinary experience.”

~ A Happy Client

Geeta Sharma also finds Psychic attack therapy and Psychic surgeries helpful in relieving Cancer patients. Crystal healing along with Reiki therapy multiplies Reiki effect according to her. But she stresses very clearly that there is no scientific evidence to prove that Reiki can prevent, treat or cure cancer and should be done along with modern medical treatment and in full knowledge of your doctor.