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How to become Rich? Money Reiki is the answer.

Financial issues, hard work not paying off well, not able to enjoy the money earned but counting the expenses incurred or your money is blocked with someone; do you find yourself struggling with such situations?

moneyreiki online course

You may say, yes I have Money problems, but what next? I need a money solution and not someone counting my problems to me! So tell me how to become rich actually?

The answer is Money Reiki Online Course with Reiki Expert Geeta Sharma! Please scroll down for the Money Reiki course details.

What is Money Reiki?

Money Reiki is a form of Reiki that is the answer to how to become rich. It will make you a money magnet and open your door to abundance and growth. Financial issues are a sign of blocked money energy. These blockages can be due to our past life karmas, our conditioning, and our present thoughts. Money is a form of energy and Money Reiki works on this energy relationship.

Is this form of Reiki the same as numerous abundance manifestation courses available?

No, not really. It is different from money manifesting journaling and abundance courses. As it is not just about attracting abundance. It works at a deeper level. Also, it works at your soul level and energetic level. To be more precise, it works on your 7 chakra energies and on your manifesting ability too.

Things you will learn in this complete money reiki course

Duration: 5 days, 1.5 hrs of live online classes via zoom every day, generally scheduled in late evenings to accommodate your work schedule. For Registration Whatsapp: +91 9899678977

  • Introduction to the basics of the law of attraction and energy system within us and around us.
  • Abundance blockages and our relationship with money
  • How to activate and balance your Root chakra
  • Techniques and methods to welcome abundance and prosperity.
  • Money Reiki symbols and how to use them
  • Affirmations to become a money magnet
  • Use of switch words to attract money and prosperity
  • Meditations to manifest abundance
  • Money Box with crystals and use of Yantras
  • Mind reprogramming Technique
  • Third eye reprograming
  • Visualization technique



  • It will help you in becoming a Money Magnet
  • For recovering from long-term debts and losses
  • It can help you to get rid of the blockages between money and us existing due to past life karmas
  • You will be able to find the reasons behind the existing money-related problems in your life
  • Methods to remove the blockages that are stopping the flow of money into your lives
  • Changes your perception about money. Hence, help you develop a positive attitude towards money

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Geeta is a certified Reiki Grand master with more than 20 years of experience of teaching Reiki and meditation. In order to register for next Reiki workshop or individual training:

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After  completing this level, you can amplify your healing energies with Tarot Card Reading Basic & Advanced.

Disclaimer: Reiki is a traditional healing technique. You should always follow your doctor’s advice and also continue with advised medical treatment. Reiki healing should be done along with the medical treatment advised by your doctor.