Duration : 5 Days (Live Classes)
Time : 1.5 Hours in a day

Note: Please check the downloaded pdf after this purchase. (Classes will be taken via Zoom Only)

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The answer to all your financial issues that heals at the root cause of your money energy blocks.

  • Money Reiki symbols and how to use them
  • Affirmations to become a money magnet
  • Use of switch words to attract money and prosperity
  • Meditations to manifest abundance
  • Money Box with crystals and use of Yantras
  • Mind programming Technique
  • Third eye reprograming
  • Visualization technique
  • Law of attraction and energy system within us and around us.
  • Abundance blockages and Karmic Blockages
  • Role of Root Chakra in attracting abundance.
  • How to activate your Root chakra for wealth creation
  • Techniques and methods to welcome abundance and prosperity.

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