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Healing Relationship Problems: 3 Days Online Workshop With Energy Healer Geeta Sharma

Healing relationship problems starts from you! During the current Corona Lockdown, relationship problems are increasing manifolds. Having loving healthy relationships in one area where we all have struggled at one point of time or other. Sometimes we feel lonely even after getting married.

  1. Do you keep struggling with your relationships always?
  2. Is it that you feel incomplete because your life partner does not understand you?
  3. Is it so that you have everything but troubled relationships rob the charm of all your materialistic achievements?
  4. Have you been waiting for being loved since long?

Loneliness arises from you and you can be the only person to stop this endless struggle. So how do you stop this loneliness and get out of the trap of troubled relationships?

The road to having healthy relationships and balanced relationships start from you!

We at FaithHealers have a solution! let us start journey to healthy relationships by healing relationship problems right away!

Relationship Healing Online Workshop with Reiki Healing expert Geeta Sharma.

Relationship Healing Workshop overview: 
A 3 day online workshop with interactive sessions. Each session will be of 1.5 hours.

Healing relationship problems, learn to energise your heart chakra!

Day 1 of Healing Relationship problems: – Role of your energies in deciding your relationships. How your thoughts create your energies.  Thus working on your thoughts and energies is the first step. As the saying goes, “your vibes decide your tribe”. It is your own energy that makes or destroys the relationship bond.  In this session you will learn the importance of energies and also learn to work on your energies.

Day 2  Healing Relationship problems: – The game of expectations!  We expect a lot from our partner; from people surrounding us, from our friends, children and the list is endless.  But we never recognize the fact that same stands for others too! They too have their expectations! In this session we will know about the expectations and how to deal with them. We will learn about the technique of being a giver and role of affirmations.

Day 3 Healing Relationship problems: –  You will learn to solve your relationship problems with Heart Chakra energization technique. Also you will learn to create an energy bond between you and your partner and exchange energies.

Geeta Sharma has an experience of more than 20 years of healing and reforming relationships through her Reiki expertise and intuitive abilities. Call or WhatsApp: +91 9899678977. Click contact to check details.