Reiki Healing

Learn Reiki Healing and Meditation With Geeta Sharma. Achieve Health, Wealth & Power

Learning online Reiki level 1 with live video classes is very much possible now! During the ongoing CoronaVirus outbreak, learning Reiki healing or self-healing becomes all the more important. Geeta Sharma, is a Reiki expert master teacher, who is so very passionate about teaching Reiki. Distance does not matter to her when it comes to teaching Reiki, even if you are sitting at the other end of the world, you will be able to feel her energies. Reiki self-healing is the easiest and swiftest way to raise your immunity and hence power to fight infections. It is a way to become healthy.

An obvious question that must be coming to your mind, when it comes to learning Reiki online is, that is distant attunement possible?

Distant attunement is as effective as attunement in person. So now nothing should stop you from enrolling yourself for Reiki online course with Geeta!

Benefits of Online Reiki level 1 workshop:
  • Targets your own self-healing. In other words, you become your own doctor at the physical and spiritual level both.
  • Improved focus and memory.

Geeta Sharma has more than 20 years of experience in teaching Reiki and other psycho spiritual healing modalities. Call / WhatsApp: +91 9899678977