Benefits of Meditation

There are multi-fold benefits of meditation. Its regular practice will rewire your mind, body, and soul. Meditation is the path you should take to meet your inner temple and your own-self. Eventually, you will understand the reason of your existence, you also, get the vision of what your aim should be.

Why do we say the benefits of meditation are multi-fold?

Often, we come across the concept of the ever-expanding universe in astronomy-related discussions. According to physicists, all galaxies are moving away from each other but within the space. That means everything is moving away from each other. Similarly, energies around us keep disseminating away from us. We are always, mentally moving away from ourselves and our thoughts keep dispersing. Regular Meditation helps in the centering of one’s life energies (life force or Prana shakti in Sanskrit). Thus bringing our focus within towards our roots. Hence, you achieve FREEDOM from the surrounding world. Regularity with mediation can be achieved by enrolling in a good meditation class. Reiki healing is also an energy healing modality that has immense health benefits.

Innumerable benefits of meditation:

#1 Meditation reduces stress: Meditation is very effective in reducing stress and anxiety  It comes to your rescue, whenever you are facing some performance pressure. Also, whenever you are in an adverse situation. It restructures those areas of our brains that are associated to deal with stress and anxiety. With regular meditation practice, you will inculcate a positive outlook. It also enables you to stay in the present moment. As a result, you are not captured in the web of worries of the past or future. Most of the students at Geeta Sharma’s‘s meditation classes, first of all immediately learn to deal with anxiety issues.

#2 Meditation helps you in alleviating your medical conditions: Major medical research bodies recognize meditation as a medium to alleviate many health conditions. Stress always aggravates pre-existing medical conditions. So, there is an instant feeling of relief with a reduction in stress. For example, persons with conditions like hypertension, medical conditions related to hormonal imbalance – both male and female see improvement in their conditions. Similarly, people with diabetes, cancer, chronic pains, migraine, heart disease, sleep problems, obesity, asthma, migraines, arthritis, etc. benefit from regular meditation.

#3  Meditation is an immunity booster: With regular practice, the level of antibodies starts increasing in your body. According to findings of a study in the US National Library of Medicine; “a short program in mindfulness meditation produces demonstrable effects on the brain and immune function. Further, these findings suggest that” meditation may change the brain and immune function in positive ways”.

#4 Memory and focus get a boost: The Hippocampus and frontal brain lobes are the regions of the brain associated with long term memory and short term memory. Medical studies show that these centers show an increase in brain activity during meditation.  This implies that the capacity of the brain to store new information increases with meditation.

# 5 Meditation synchronizes the left and right parts of the brain: The two hemispheres of a human brain work independently.  However, during meditation, they work in sync with each other. This results in better functioning and capacity of the brain. Therefore, with continuous practice, you start using your brain to the fullest.

#6 Meditation resolves sleep irregularities:  By practicing meditation regularly, you tend to have a better quality of sleep.  Medical research endorses that regular meditation improves REM sleep. It also increases melatonin levels. (Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain that regulates your sleep and wake cycles). Regular meditation can even cure chronic insomnia. 

#7 Meditation enables you to have peaceful relationships: Regular meditation makes you at peace with yourself. So, with a positive disposition, you automatically deal better with your surroundings.  A balanced mind reacts in a balanced way, even in challenging situations. Consequently, you tend to have positive interactions. Positive interactions automatically lead you to have positive relationships.  Hence, balanced reactions will automatically lead to better relationships.

#8 Meditation acts as an antidepressant, alleviate anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder: Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are naturally occurring neurotransmitters. Our mood and happiness quotient is directly linked to these brain chemicals. Feeling of being rewarded, a sense of security, and pleasure are also determined by the level of these chemicals. With regular practice of meditation, you will start producing these brain chemicals naturally and in appropriate quantities. Consequently, your mind related ailments will ease out naturally without any medicines.

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