Reiki Level 1 course or First degree Reiki at Geeta Sharma’s FaithHealers is essentially an initiation into the awesome world of Reiki healing.

  • During Reiki for beginners course, energy channels open mainly on a physical level. Most notably, it results in connecting you to the universal life force energy.
  • Reiki self-healing is a great immunity booster. Reiki healing has immense Benefits. It heals at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels simultaneously. So it can help you heal your health problems and becomes a need of the hour during this raging Covid 19 pandemic. Please note all medical treatment advised by your doctor must be followed all the times.
  • Reiki for beginners or Reiki Level 1 targets your own self-healing. In other words, you become your own doctor at a physical and spiritual level.

At FaithHealers,  Reiki Level 1 learning with Geeta Sharma  is more about experiencing Reiki energies apart from theoretical knowledge. You can feel the energies even during her online classes. Please read about Online Reiki Level 1 Course here.

Reiki Level 1 attunement at FaithHealers

Reiki Level 1 course layout at Geeta Sharma’s Reiki FaithHealers:

  • The History of Reiki: The course starts with knowing the history of Reiki and about Dr. Mikao Usui. We also explore the Indian Vedic roots of Reiki. You will learn how Prana Shakti or life force energy gets weakened and how Reiki balances its smooth flow.
  • Experiencing Reiki Energies: You will learn how Reiki energy works and its scientific basis. In fact, you will be able to experience healing energies running through you.
  • Preparation for Reiki attunement: Three different meditations will prepare you for receiving attunement and hence become an energy channel.                                                                                  These meditation techniques are very beneficial.  It will help you in getting rid of your negative energy. Moreover, these techniques will balance your energy levels.
  • Five Basic Principles of Reiki: After Reiki first degree attunement, you will learn about the Five Basic principles of Reiki. What these basic principles are, their story. Also about how you can incorporate these basic principles in your life once you become a Reiki channel.


Reiki level 1 course Reiki learning
Reiki level 1 Aura Healing class at Geeta Sharma’s FaithHealers

Learning about Aura in detail:

  • Introduction to the concept of Aura and its significance.
  • Watching your own Aura.
  • Mapping aura of an individual
  • Self aura cleaning and cleaning aura of others
  • Special meditation
  • Learning about 7 Chakras or energy centers of the human body: As the basis of Reiki lies in a smooth flow of cosmic energies and Chakras are the drivers of these cosmic energies. Therefore, a thorough understanding of our energetic system is a must.
  • Protection Technique: You will learn techniques to protect yourself from negative energies.
  • 21 Days of self-healing: Finally, the most important part, you will do 21 days of Self-healing. The aforesaid self-healing is something that most of us ignore. However, without 21 days of self-healing, Reiki attunement does not serve its purpose.  The 21 say self-healing helps you in getting rid of your past energy blocks. It also prepares your aura for positive energies.  Once your 21 days of self-healing is complete, then you can start with the Reiki Level 2 Course.

Post level 1, you are ready to charge of your life!

☑️Self Awareness
☑️Your spiritual path
☑️Strong memory
☑️Strong emotional health

Geeta Sharma is a certified Reiki Grand master with more than 15 years of experience of teaching Reiki and meditation. She conducts Reiki learning workshops from time to time, generally on weekends. Reiki training courses are conducted Online also, and classes are live interactive classes. In order to register for next Reiki level 1 workshop or individual training:

Call or Whatsapp at: + 91 98 99 678 077 ,  +91 935 4478 461

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Disclaimer: Reiki is a traditional healing technique. You should always follow your doctor’s advice and also continue with advised medical treatment. Reiki healing should be done along with the medical treatment advised by your doctor.