Face Reading Consultation By Face Reading Experts


A face reading consultation will include a reading and predictions regarding a person.

Duration: 30 minutes

Note: Please check the downloaded pdf after this purchase. (Consultation will be taken via Zoom Only)

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If you wish to know about a person’s general nature, character and intentions, just show a picture of the person to our face reading expert, who will help you gauge the personality of the individual in question. Depending on your requirement or the nature of the issue, we offer two types of consultations:

  1. Standalone Consultation
  2. Consultation in combination with other modalities, such as tarot and astrology

As mentioned earlier, a face reading consultation will include a reading for only one person. Furthermore, based on the reading and the need of the hour, our expert may also counsel you and suggest simple remedies where required. Once a session is done, if you wish to get a face reading for some other person, a separate session needs to be booked.


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