Duration : 5 Days (Live Classes)
Time : 1.5 Hours in a day

Note: This course will be available soon.

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Being a Reiki Grand Master doesn’t mean that you only have to heal or teach Reiki. It’s your responsibility to counsel your client and try to understand them. It is your duty to guide your client and help him learn right or wrong. At, Faith Healers, you will learn how to counsel your clients and balance them. You will also learn how to attune till Grand Master ship. After this course you will be able to take Reiki as a career and heal the one in need.

You will learn:

  • How to know your client?
  • Why listening is important?
  • Counselling your client
  • Introduction to 3 New symbols to bring wisdom, prosperity and love in your life.
  • Deeper Meditation
  • How to attune clients from Karuna Reiki to Grand Mastership level

Above all, you will get tips and guidance on how to start a career with Reiki.