Duration : 5 Days (Live Classes)
Time : 1.5 Hours in a day

Note: This course will be available soon.

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With Reiki Level 3 attunement you will get attuned to the higher cosmic energies that will open you to another level of healing for yourself and others. You will be able to accomplish goals, heal others, heal yourself at soul and spiritual level. You can co create and reinvent your life path. At Faith Healers, we will take care that you understand and absorb the essence of all higher techniques.

What you will be learn:

  • Doing intense and deep meditation on your chakras.
  • Heal chronic diseases with psychic surgeries.
  • Remove effects of black magic
  • Karmic healing
  • Family healing
  • Past life healing
  • Crystal Grid to accomplish your goals and wishes(9-21wishes together)

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