What is Numerology : Explained in simple words

Numerology deals with the influence of numbers on your life, on surrounding objects, and also the influence of numbers on all the objects.  For example, the numbers involved in your house address will affect your life and life of other individuals living in that house. Another example can be the address of your business. The numbers here also play a crucial role. Numbers involved in your business address and numbers related to you have interaction.  Thus affecting the resultant outcome of your progress.

Where did Numerology originate from?

Roots of Numerology go back to the ancient land of Mesoamerica. According to the Mayas, the universe, cycles, events, objects, or everything can be broken down into numbers. They found numbers spiritual, holy, and communicative. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, although did not invent Numerology but did propound some theories. These theories took numbers to a completely different level with respect to modern-day numerology. Dr. Julian Stenton coined the term ‘Numerology’.  He also brought the mystical aspect of numbers to the forefront.

How does the mystical science of numbers help?

Numerology helps you in choosing the right path by uncovering what destiny has in store for you. It also helps you in understanding your loved ones.  Moreover, helps you in coping with the challenges in your life.

In nutshell, it maps out your life and purpose of your soul to you

The numbers that an expert numerologist calculates, describe both the positive and negative features of a person. You should not be ignoring negative aspects as weeding them out will help you in different aspects of life, such as career, business, health, and relationships. Numerology Calculations by an experienced and skilled numerologist can be your best guide to your life. You can find your personal strengths and weaknesses, your life purpose, and destiny.

Is Numerology all about the date of birth?

The personal chart is majorly based on Your date of birth and the name you were given at birth. If you have changed your name again, then numerologists will also take your name change into account. Primarily,  your original first name is the name you were truly meant to have. So, your original name carries maximum significance.


A numerologist also derives some calculations from your birth date while others come from the letters of your birth name. You may like to read about her online numerology course here: Numerology Course Online with Expert Numerologist Geeta Sharma, Live Interactive Online Classes!

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