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Face Reading Book : The Face Reflects Personality | Physiognomy Book

The Best Face Reading Book, The Face Reflects Personality as an ebook is now available on Amazon! This book is based on the ancient Indian Vedic science of Samudrik Shastra. This ancient Indian wisdom enables making predictions about anyone by just glancing at their faces.

Here’s why you should give this Physiognomy book a read:

Every hidden trait and personality of a person is written on their face. What we lack is the ability to read it. Face reading is the art of reading faces to understand what is in the mind. Geeta Sharma, who herself is an expert in occult science, has written this eBook to share with you her knowledge of face reading. Trust us, this book knows you better than anyone else. So, you can also know your true strengths and weaknesses and use them for your own better future. She also conducts face reading course online regularly. Please check the details of the face reading course here: Face Reading Online Course: Learn Face Reading Secrets, Make Predictions & Remedies

This face reading book will introduce you to the various aspects of face reading like:

  • Features of your face and their impacts.
  • What is affecting your relationships?
  • All the possible facial features in different types of faces and their impact.
  • Meaning of every spot, line, or mark on your face.
  • Personal analysis.
  • How to predict the future through face reading?
  • Your face depicts your health hence health-related prediction. Thus, face reading can be a medical guide too.
  • Predictions related to your family support system.
  • Career predictions.
  • Remedies to improve personality, future, and relationships.

You can grab a copy of this amazing face reading book here: Face Reflects Personality After you finish reading, you will notice your changed perception of seeing people. You can call this face reading eBook a “how to make life easier” guide too, as it is definitely going to be that by telling you who is good and who is not.

Reiki healer Geeta Sharma is an acclaimed energy healer in Delhi. She is the founder of FaithHealers. She is a face reading expert, Reiki Grandmaster teacher, meditation expert, astrologer, numerologist, and tarot card reader, with a combined experience of 15 years. Her journey with Reiki healing started around 15 years ago. Initially, she learnt Reiki to heal herself from her health problems. After finding Reiki, a life-changing experience, she decided to take it up at a professional level. She is a certified Reiki Grand Master and Reiki Master Teacher. For an appointment with Geeta Sharma, call or WhatsApp: +91 9899678977 or email her at: