Aum Chanting

The Power Of AUM Mantra: AUM Chant Meditation Heals Past, Present & Future

The power of AUM Mantra lies in the fact that it is the sound of creation and the sound of the divine. Aum Mantra or Om is the primordial sound. The Universe’s vibrations are the vibrations of the AUM chant. Everything about AUM Mantra is explained in ancient Hindu text, the Mandukya Upanishad.  According to the great seer Adi Shankaracharya’s commentary on Mandukya Upanishad: “Aum, the word, is all this”

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AUM is not just a symbol or sound, it has the past, the present, and the future in it. It is limitless and timeless.  Everything is within AUM and everything is AUM. If there is a fourth dimension, then that is also AUM. In the words of  Parmahansa Yogananda says: “AUM not only proceeds from God, it is God.”

Everything is Vibrating!

Nothing is static in the Universe. Objects appear to still also vibrate. As atoms that constitute the matter vibrate. So everything is vibrating. Sound waves are also vibrations.  In Albert Einstein’s words, Everything in Life is Vibration

The Phenomenon of Spontaneous self-organization

Vibrating things on coming together after some time start vibrating together at the same frequency.  This syncing up is known as the phenomenon of spontaneous self-organization. So, when you vibrate at the optimum, your surroundings also vibrate in a harmonious way and hence your life.

Power of AUM Mantra and  Sound Vibrations

The AUM sound is said to be the sound of the Universe. It is made of 3 sounds plus the fourth sound is the sound of silence

 ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’ + Sound of Silence – AUM.

‘A’ = The conscious state

‘U’ = The dream state

‘M’ = Dreamless sleep state or the unconscious state

The AUM symbol in its entirety is the fourth state, which combines all these states. The powers of AUM  Sound Healing can only be felt when it is chanted properly.


Here I bring to you in detail, why the right way of AUM chanting is so critical to harness the power of AUM.

‘A’ (pronounced “awe”) – It is the sound of the creation of the universe, the ‘conscious or waking state’. When we chant the sound ‘Awe’, the sound originates around Solar Plexus Chakra. Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati reside at the Solar Chakra. This sound amplifies creativity.

‘U’ ( Pronounced as`Uoo”) –  The sound Uoo originates from Heart Chakra or Anahat chakra,  where Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi reside. By chanting Uoo you operate your life in an organized way.

‘M’ (“mmmm” sound) – ‘Mmmm’ sound originates from Third eye chakra, the place of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali. By chanting ‘Mmmm’ sound you become a strong fighter and push away negative energies.

The fourth sound – The sound of silence –  The Silence when between our Two breaths while chanting Aum.

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Aum (Om) Mantra chanting benefits

  • It balances the five elements in your body.
  • Aum Mantra when chanted correctly energizes each and every cell of your body.
  • Om Mantra chant act as a brain stabiliser
  • Chanting Mantra Om cures you of your illnesses, unleashes the hidden creativity in you, and spiritually guides you in your life. ( Source )
  • It has numerous health benefits and can channelize prana shakti into your system
  • It balances your Chakras and hence you can have a balanced fulfilled life and create your own destiny.
  • Being the sound of creation, it brings you in sync with nature and hence the whole Universe.
  • It is a single straight path to merge with the divine.